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“Will – thanks again for a truly memorable experience at Twickenham.  Having used your event hospitality for a number of years, I have to say Your facility is far and above the best hospitality available at Twickenham.  The relaxed atmosphere, ability to mingle with some great players past and present never fails to impress our guests.  All the feedback I receive from our guests is always extremely positive and I look forward to our next planned event!”


"Thanks again for another outstanding day at Twickenham at the weekend.  The client experience is really second to none.  All of our guests were very impressed by the quality of the hospitality provided but they particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk to the many rugby legends both past present and of course to your good self.  All of the players were incredibly friendly and very happy to spend time with our guests which they all clearly appreciated.   The opportunity to meet some of the players after the match was also a real bonus.  

The day was very well organised, well hosted and extremely good fun.  All in all a fantastic experience."



“Thanks again for another excellent day at Twickenham. As usual, you and your team stood out from the rest of the hospitality companies through a great combination of organisation, flair, humour and entertainment. The involvement by yourself and so many ex and current players makes the day very unique and memorable for all our clients.”




“Fantastic!!  What can I say - and what a match!  The whole event was put
together superbly and both Lisa and yourself looked after our every need.
The new venue was great.  
I know you made a personal effort and your people were fabulous. Some of
the players were terrific too, we had a lot of time from Rob, John and
Sean especially.
The customers were delighted, one found the experience "almost
Many thanks, loved it.”



Microsoft UK

“Yet again a fabulous experience! The new venue is so much better, more relaxed giving a much more personalised experience . Every one of the guest on my table said that this was the best "rugby experience" they had had. The differentiator you provided was the one to one experience they had with many famous stars from rugby past and present. Of course you can't forget Ian Robertson's pre lunch talk. Great hit. Also it was excellent to see I Evans (cant spell his first name!!!!!!!) there. It was mentioned to me a number of times how approachable and pleasant a guy he was.”



Morgan Stanley

“Clients love it, they get to meet their hero's who are real gentlemen willing to spend time with them.
Clients especially like the personal attention they get from Will himself. 
This is an all round first class operation with good service, food, speakers and a feeling of exclusivity.
This is a worth while event, great value for money and well run.”

Colm Kelleher - Managing Director



‘We really enjoyed our day on Saturday. The access that our clients had to the legends makes your day the leading rugby event that any of us have ever attended.  The legends' punditry session ahead of the match was insightful and hilarious and added greatly to our enjoyment, and the attendance of the England players after the game and their obvious disappointment at the result gave us a different slant altogether on the feelings in the dressing room. Thanks for a fantastic day’.

Cisco Systems

“The rugby event on Saturday was excellent. Without doubt, the best hospitality event I have hosted. All of the customers who attended had similar views. The day was absolutely fantastic. The event was well hosted, well co-ordinated and wonderful entertainment.  The customers were well pleased and all of them voiced their sincere thanks at the end of the day.  Please pass on my thanks to Will and his team.”




Bank Of America

“A unique combination which provides guests with the opportunity to rub shoulders with the top international players.  To be able to walk a few minutes from the stand, and then greet some of the England players who have just walked off the pitch is worth every penny.”





"The atmosphere was great, it's not every day that you have the opportunity
to meet such huge rugby stars, oh and you of course!.  The guys were so
friendly, we spent a lot of time talking to Rory Underwood and Euian (is
that the correct spelling) Evans.  I have attended other events when
sporting stars were around, but not really interacting with the guests.  It
made it a very special day, which is always our aim with any hospitality.
It's so difficult to impress people these days."









“Our clients love being entertained at the Twickenham International games. Will is a charming host and the opportunity to meet the players after the match is a real bonus. Clients we recently entertained said it was the best corporate sporting hospitality event they'd been to - pretty good endorsement from customers who are frequently being entertained!”